From classroom settings to real life applications, TBS is where Marine Officers learn to effectively command and lead Marines for a common cause. To further our vision on this important topic, we’ve also joined Operation Clean Sweep Blue®. Leadership: Instilling within candidates the Qualities of a Professional Naval Officer. It works by collecting the hardware and software information of the remote machine running the OCS client program and visualize the inventory through a … But the stigma remains, and "poorly written" is still closely associated with the idea of an OC. In order for spouse and dependents to be enrolled in DEERS, all documents must be original or court certified copies. We believe the Rosary is a powerful, God ordained prayer. Your recruiter can provide further instruction on proper form. It delivers feasible and technological solutions about the economy and security of the digital business strategies and operations of its customers. Core Values. Prior to arrival, verify that Navy Department Awards Web Service (NDAWS) accurately reflects all awards received (individual and unit level). Students/candidates are encouraged to arrive with these items. Best practice is to bring hard copies of all documents that will be required and would normally be accessed via NSIPS. OCS is recognized for its pragmatically approach. This will prevent expenses on your GTCC from reflecting an overdue balance after 120 days from the first expense. Answer: Yes, Sailors shipping to OCS will complete and ensure the current cycle PRT is logged in PRIMS. Candidates are expected to have all personal financial responsibilities addressed and placed in a steady state (not requiring constant review or action) prior to arrival at OTCN. Before you can lead as a Marine Officer, you must first fight to become one. 5 - 7 sports bras designed for high impact sports. Edit: Maybe if we stop thinking about OCs as a class of their own, the stigma will go away. WHO WE ARE. You will be required to eat in the Ney Hall dining facility for every meal while at OCS with the exception of liberty weekends during the final phase of training. A Professional Naval Officer must be physically strong and resilient - ready to lead and sustain a culture of fitness in an austere and challenging environment. Officer Training Command Newport regularly posts photos and updates on OCS classes. During the final phase of training, men are authorized to style their hair within Navy regulations. Commitment To Success Form (NAVCRUIT 1131/15) – Provides formal check-list of information and documents for selected future Officer Candidates to review with their recruiter. Candidates are expected to be within the following Navy standards: Candidates who fail the abdominal circumference will then complete the second step, body fat composition. WHO WE ARE. Candidates at OCS are able to send and receive mail through the USPS. Men: Upon arrival at OCS you will be required to have your head shaved. Photo copies, NRD copies, and notarized copies WILL NOT be accepted. Aerobic activity will include running approximately 3 miles, three times per week on a track or road surfaces, and two days of strength training through HIIT exercises. DR. Sarah Ellefson, PT, DPT, OCS (owner, altius pt) Sarah earned her Bachelor's degree from the University of New Hampshire where she competed as a Division 1 nordic skier. No more than what is listed should be brought. Recommend updating Page Two via SGLI Online Enrollment System (SOES via MilConnect) prior to arrival at OTCN. A successful OCS candidate is one who embraces the mission of Officer Training Command Newport, OCS, and develops the ability to execute basic Naval officer functions that are expected upon earning a commission as an Ensign in the United States Navy. Uniform card is issued to cover purchases and the candidate is responsible to pay off the balance at the time of out-processing. The OCS Alumni Association works with the OCS Battalion and Fort Benning each year to select and induct a new OCS Hall of Fame of deserving graduates. If a candidate is found to exceed allowable limits, they are subject to removal from their class and / or disenrollment from the program. In this six-month course, Marine Officers are no longer being screened, but trained to be competent and capable leaders our Corps and country can count on. No candidate at OCS will earn the officer commission they seek without demonstrating they can meet the standard found in our motto, Ductus Exemplo, Latin for “Lead by example.”. Hear from the officers of Marine who have faced the challenges of Officer Candidates School and proven themselves capable as leaders our Nation can count on. (We don't accept egg adopts!) news they selected for you to experience on The 13–week OCS course is designed to provide a working knowledge of the Navy (afloat and ashore), prepare you to assume the responsibilities of a Naval Officer, and to develop you to your fullest potential. We do not worship the Virgin Mary but do believe she has a special place in heaven and deserves recognition for being the woman chosen of God to bear His Son and care for Him. Our number one priority is that our customers and colleagues return home safe each and every day. Hear from the officers of Marine who have faced the challenges of Officer Candidates School and proven themselves capable as leaders our Nation can count on. OCS Contracting Service is a firm that specializes in a wide variety of services including painting, drywall, murals, carpentry, decorative finishes, design, & construction management. If you have been selected for OCS and have been assigned a convening date, or have questions about OCS that are not addressed within this website, please review, our Frequently Asked Questions page in the tabbed section below, or contact us by email, at:  ( We live our values wholeheartedly in the way that we behave every day because we know our actions are worth more than words. Students who wish to invite family members that do not have Military ID and are not normally allowed on military bases will need to provide the following information for each guest during week eight of training: Foreign Nationals will also need to provide the following information: If visitors are not on the approved access list, they will be turned away at the gate. Candidates that fail any PFA administered at OCS, are subject to removal from their class and may be subject to disenrollment from the program. All released visual information from Officer Training Command can be found here. Individuals who arrive early will not be provided housing by Officer Training Command Newport. OCS Blue is a product stewardship program of the Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) and the American Chemistry Council (ACC) dedicated to helping every plastic resin operation achieve zero plastic loss into the environment. Candidates are expected to be within the following Navy standards: Candidates who are concerned about meeting body composition limits should schedule an assessment with their recruiter prior to arrival at OCS. Comma Separated), variety of Military Occupational Specialties (MOS). It is imperative that you arrive in the best possible physical shape; ready and able to participate in a demanding physical fitness program. Additionally, if you have routinely completed past PRTs using alternate cardio options you are HIGHLY encouraged to practice taking a PRT by running the 1.5 mile course. Over the 13-weeks course, candidates will be instructed in the following areas: Military training at Officer Candidate school is designed to transform individuals into cohesive operating teams with the overall goal of training candidate officers to become professional, confident and competent future Naval officers worthy of earning their Nation's special trust and confidence. Gold ball stud earrings (Worn starting in Week 9 of training). The Ontario Construction Secretariat (OCS) was formed in 1993 to represent the collective interests of the unionized construction industry in Ontario’s industrial, commercial and … All non-military visitors will be required to be vetted by base security before arriving for the reception or graduation festivities. After graduating Officer Candidates School (OCS), candidates are commissioned as officers in the United States Marine Corps, marking the final transition from civilian to Marine Officer. PT shorts, short and long sleeve shirts, hoodie, sweatpants (most current Navy logo and design, shall be matching set), Service Dress Blue (Dry-cleaned) If E7 or Higher, Service Dress White (Dry-cleaned) If E7 or Higher, Khakis with garrison and combination covers, NWU Type III with Black Boots (rough-side-out are not authorized), Undergarments associated with each uniform meeting strictest Navy standards, Successful completion of Navy PFA in accordance with specified standards. Answer: You should strive to arrive at OCS in peak physical condition and prepared to immediately perform a Navy PFA. The Association provides funding to host the event in the beautiful National Infantry Museum, and provides Directors to sit … Fleet returnees with orders directing them to report no later than the Saturday before check-in Sunday should contact the command immediately for further guidance and tracking. Meals are only offered three times a day, and food is not allowed in the barracks. The forms on this page have been submitted to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). (Diane is going to hate me for life) (Now Zuzu wants me dead)---OCs to mess with: Diane Draken~Female~Bisexual Human Ariana L. Rielly~Female~Pan Human Diana A. Rielly~Female~Lesbian Human Tarul~Male~Bi (BUT LOVES GAY) Human Arin~Human~Straight We hope you all had as much fun as we are in this new Project and learned a thing or two for yourself as well. The uniform allowance does not cover the entire cost. Candidates for OCS should make arrangements to arrive and check-in no earlier than 0700 on Check-in Sunday. Enlisted personnel applying to OCS should reference OPNAVINST 1420.1 (series), Promotion, Special Selection, Selective Early Retirement, and Selective Early Removal Boards for Commissioned Officers of the Navy and Marine Corps. OCS is an intense leadership training ground. Those who are accepted -- and make it through -- agree it's one of the most rewarding experiences of their lives. Due to our large skill set, we act as a … Physical Fitness Qualifications (requirements to graduate): During the first week of training, you will commence a regimen of daily physical training. Very few men and women meet the numerous screening requirements and have the dedication and desire to earn a seat in OCS. All … (Up to 5 Email Addresses, No civilian clothes are required at OCS. If you have an OC in this community please put it on the Createlovania wiki. The abdominal circumference found in step one will be utilized to determine their body fat composition. Below is a link to the Technical Training group at Officer Training Command Newport who oversees the Third Class Swim Qualification: Congratulations on your selection to Officer Candidate School (OCS) and thank you for making the decision to serve your country as a Naval officer. Mental training involves memorization of military knowledge, academic courses, and military inspections. Two forms of identification. OCS is extremely demanding; morally, mentally, and physically. Gain direct access to a Marine Recruiter who has fought alongside Marines and is prepared to show you how to become one. OCS will provide the environment to develop candidates morally and mentally, and will instill the highest ideals of duty, honor and loyalty. You will purchase all necessary uniforms during your first week of training at OCS. It is recommended that women arrive with hair as close to their natural color as possible to forgo compliance issues. Any and all prescription medication to include birth control. After graduating Officer Candidates School (OCS), candidates are commissioned as officers in the United States Marine Corps, marking the final transition from civilian to Marine Officer. Shall be Navy Blue or black in color, worn fully on the waist, and may not extend beyond the length of the PT shorts nor be visible while standing. The first step is abdominal circumference. Do you think you have the determination to overcome the Quigley? Question: What are the BCA and Physical Fitness requirements at OCS? Any light requiring more than two "AA" batteries. Digital wristwatch with alarm *non-smart watch*. These exercises should be performed for 30 - 60 minutes, 3 - 4 days a week. Thanks. All paperwork turned-in for in-processing will be returned. Study these items prior to arrival at OCS. All documents must be original or court certified copies. Officer Candidate School (OCS) accomplishes this mission by building the foundations of professional  OFFICERSHIP - Leadership, Profession of Arms, Academics and Fitness. Your recruiter should have provided several of these documents to you. This website provides information for … All selected Officer Candidates are strongly encouraged to review this guide in its entirety and begin memorizing the information provided in the Gouge section. ***NOTE*** No physical activity should be initiated without first consulting your physician to determine physical suitability. We are a team of over 86,000 colleagues, in it together for our customers and our partners. At Marine Corps Officer Candidates School (OCS), mind, body, and character are put to the test to evaluate your capabilities as both a fighter and an officer. Then place them in this folder. We are going to torture my OCs with TRUTH OR DARE. In case of family emergency, the candidate's family should go through their nearest American Red Cross for assistance in contacting the command. Students are expected to attend a reception planned by students for families and friends which usually lasts about 2 hours the Thursday evening prior to graduation. class costs. These qualities include Honesty, Integrity, Work Ethic, Military Bearing, Character, Dependability, Initiative, Accountability, Toughness and Teamwork. Preparation and Expectations Letter – Welcome letter from the Director of Officer Candidate School. Question: Where can I find the required documents and materials to bring to OCS for check-in? Photo copies, NRD copies, and notarized copies WILL NOT be accepted. ), Recommended and authorized for female students. Spouse's original unexpired identification card. Learn about the PFT and CFT which assess battle-readiness and functional fitness. We on Create OCs wiki respect your opinion, and even have user in this community, but these types of OCs belong on this mature wiki than this one. Active duty Sailors will lose NSIPS access while in a training status at OTCN. You've been invited by someone you know to explore An issued uniform will be worn at all times until graduation. OMB approved the paperwork burdens and assigned an approval expiration date to each form. With new offices in Brazil & Nigeria, we are excited and hopeful to see new client logos in our marketing material soon. ; established May 2017; theme by ROXIESTHEME; discalimer We at ocappreciation claim no rights to any original characters, stories, or graphics that do not belong to us. This determination is made in two different steps. Color is optional with other uniforms. At OCS, we care. Below is the mailing address for all candidates while at OCS. Officer Candidate School is a physically and mentally challenging course designed to transform civilian professionals into strong, effective, military leaders. Students must review each section for applicability and required documentation. Successful candidates arrive at OCS already able to run 3 miles a day (15 miles a week) and able to complete 30 minutes of aerobic exercise in a session. Food and Beverages to include chewing gum. We’re Ontario’s exclusive online retailer and wholesaler for recreation cannabis and a trusted source for information about cannabis and cannabis-related issues. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising, and analytics partners who may combine it with other information that you've provided to them or that they've collected from your use of their services. Some of the training events at OCS take the form of: The arduous process of advancing from officer candidate to Officer of Marines is divided into five distinct phases, each that present distinct battles that must be overcome to continue. We provide an unparalleled arts and academic education in a creative, challenging, and nurturing environment to a diverse student body passionate about the arts, preparing them to reach their highest potential. Naval Station Newport Base Map - Provides Naval Station Newport base layout and location of OCS check-in and base hotels. Core Values introduced, gear and uniform issued, training platoon assigned, Combat conditioning, close order drill, culture and leadership indoctrination, Billet holder responsibility, peer leading, accountability, teamwork emphasized, Leadership Traits and Principles, tactics instruction, problem-solving aptitude, Orientation of future duties, TBS preparation, climax of esprit de corps. Defense Visual Information Distribution Service (DVIDS) - OTC Newport on DVIDS. Recommended for all students (available for purchase at the Navy Exchange on base. For the past few years OCS Contracting Service has been servicing the Midwest, establishing a strong reputation as a reliable and trusted company. Your personal Honor, Courage, and Commitment will be tested at OCS and you will be challenged to live up to the highest standards of these values. Collab between @AntoniMatteoGarcia and @HermesDiAngelo CCollaboration [Spring Awakening]Spring Meditation Haiku by AntoniMatteoGarcia Judges Feedback This is a really nice and calming entry. Foreign documents, not in English, must be officially translated into English by an official translator or translation company. The term OC calls to mind self-inserts, Mary Sues - which most OCs aren't. The goal of OCS is, as a specialized "boutique" to develop and deliver customized solutions. about we showcase and appreciate ocs that are found on tumblr! At least one pair shall be white or wearer’s skin tone when worn with white uniforms per NAVPERS 15665l. Candidates who do not pass the initial height and weight check will be further assessed to determine if they meet the Navy's body composition standards. All of our educational programs, while adhering to National Education Standards Authority (NESA) requirements, are written and presented from a Christian perspective. videos, photos, or Marine Corps life is built on a foundation of mental stamina, self-master, and internal focus. OCS uses the Navy BCA and Physical Fitness standards as defined in OPNAVINST 6110.1J. If possible, have accounts temporarily set-up for single authentication measures. We are almost about to close one more year in the OCS journey. Adoptable-YCH: Have a character up for sale, adopt or a YCH base then this is the folder. Question: Should I complete a PRT prior to shipping and arrival at OCS? Each of these paths includes a variety of Military Occupational Specialties (MOS), and it is approximately at the halfway point through TBS that young officers have the opportunity to indicate their preference for MOS and geographical duty assignment. that match hair color. Candidates may also download and access the official Navy PFA mobile application by SeaWarrior Applications. Formerly the Associate Executive Director of the United Cerebral Palsy Association of North Jersey, Joyce brings over 20 years of Healthcare and Special Education experience to the company. It also represents the first time we truly feel the weight of the astounding responsibility placed on our shoulders. We Make Marines: The Role of Sergeant Instructors at OCS. The link below provides information on authorized hair styles and grooming standards. Additional questions should be directed to your Command Career Counselor (CCC). Please note, women with hair longer than a bob are only authorized to wear their hair in a bun until the final phase of training. Oxford matches experienced professionals within a variety of public and private settings to fulfill their staffing needs. Medicine, to include gummy vitamins, mineral/herbal supplements, energy drinks. For information on specific programs and their requirements, please click the below link, contact your nearest Navy Recruiter, or send an email to Otherwise, color is optional. We have four funds to which you can donate: MyImpact Annual Fund (meeting academic needs); Emergency Financial Aid (tuition assistance for students and families in need); COVID-19 Response Fund (tuition assistance for families who have experienced financial distress because of COVID-19) It is encouraged that future candidates practice getting ready (shave / shower / dress / hair) within this amount of time prior to their arrival at OCS. We are first to fight and determined to succeed. Electric razors are authorized. Question: What happens if I do not complete OCS? Here are some of the most common. OCS is a non-denominational, co-educational, Prep to Year 12 Christian school that partners with parents to raise and nurture their children, educating them through an academically rigorous program. We believe our work is meaningful and we … DD-4, Record of Enlistment (for all enlisted service), This document can be pulled from the member's BOL (OMPF)(, Last Personnel Service Department(PSD) Point of Contact info (POC Name/Phone/Fax/and Address). All Officer Accession program applications, including OCS, are handled through Navy Recruiting Command. During this selection process, Marine Officers can expect: The Quigley is famous—or infamous—for a reason. We uses cookies to enhance user experience and to analyze performance and traffic on our website. Family travel arrangements for those who plan to attend the graduation reception and graduation should be made well in advance. Learn more about the mindset necessary to become a Marine. Ensure to reference Officer Accession Programs. Answer: Sailors that Drop on Request (DOR) or meet OCS attrition criteria will potentially lose their rate and become needs of the Navy. Additional information about OCS Physical Fitness requirements can be found on this OCS webpage on the Physical Fitness "Tabbed" section: Below are different categories of students and is the required paperwork for successful in-processing. Orders that allow check-in over both Saturday and will not be allowed to check-in earlier than Sunday. Electronic Equipment not previously listed as allowed. Answer: No. Navy Fitness and Nutrition Guide – Provides information on fitness and nutrition that will help ensure selected candidates arrive at OCS healthy and ready to train. Candidates who successfully complete training at Officer Candidate School (OCS) within the 13-week course, arrive meeting above average physical standards. Contraband is defined as any item that is prejudicial to the good order and discipline, health, welfare, or safety of any candidate at OCS. During Week-2, candidates will complete the Third Class swim qualification. Any items determined to be unserviceable shall be replaced during uniform issue periods. The following website provides information on the Newport Area and can help in locating services. For non-emergent issues (not relating to medical condition of immediate family member or other extraneous hardship), the candidate's family may inform the candidate through the following individuals: Candidates are authorized to receive mail as soon as they arrive at OCS. “Obviously it’s a huge deal to be in this position since it’s only been done once at OCS,” Herring said. The average OCS student will spend roughly $3,500 on uniforms. This virtual trainer will provide a series of Navy approved exercises that allow physical development and sustainment when gym facilities are not available. During the third phase of training (Senior Officer Candidate Phase), men will be allowed to start growing their hair out. Below, accepted future Officer Candidates will find several documents that will assist them with their pre-arrival preparations. If candidates are unable to pass the Third Class Swim qualification by Week-9, they will be removed from their class for further remediation in Remedial Holding Company. Candidates who successfully complete training at OCS within the prescribed course length arrive able to meet or exceed the minimum physical standard of  Satisfactory Medium on all portions of the Navy Physical Fitness Assessment. Candidates shall run all PRTs at OCS. We must not take lightly the powerful role Mary played in the salvation of mankind. All rights belong with the original creator(s). This mobile application provides further links and information to successfully prepare for and complete the Navy PFA. Showing up in marginal BCA standards and the ability to pass a Navy PRT with “satisfactory” scores will make your time at OCS extremely challenging and could result in you being rolled back to provide time for you to improve your physical conditioning – delaying your graduation and commissioning. Further, OCS develops officer candidates to perform capably under pressure and in adverse conditions while testing and strengthening their time management skills and confidence. At an absolute minimum, you need to arrive at OCS well within Navy BCA standards and be able to pass a Navy PRT with at least GOOD scores in all events to make your time easier when it comes to accomplishing the physical fitness tests and when conducting daily physical fitness requirements. To successfully complete the program, you will need to exhibit mental toughness, physical strength and conditioning, and a never-quit attitude. Answer: Review this OCS webpage: OCS and click on FAQ and Required and Recommended Items "tabs" . Physical training (PT) begins immediately upon arrival at OCS. Students will NOT have access to cellphones for a majority of their training time. One primary and one secondary form of identification for use in obtaining Military Identification. All required or requested contact information must be available in hard copy (written format). Candidates not able to meet these minimum physical standards will struggle to complete the course in the allotted time. The Graduation ceremony usually lasts 90 minutes. At OCS, the Sergeant Instructors run the day to day aspects of OCS. Marines must be physically fit throughout their time in service. Men are authorized to wear boxer shorts or knitted brief styles. OCS ensures all who are pinned with the Marine rank of 2nd Lieutenant will first pass a stringent assessment based on three graded categories: Academics, Leadership, and Physical Fitness. Flights out of Boston should not depart until 1700 on Friday. Find out how organic cotton certification works. This website provides information for those considering pursuing a commission through OCS and those accepted to the program. military and civilian. Copies of all civilian prescriptions if taking prescription medication. Weapons and blades, to include letter openers. All medical/dental records and immunization records. Candidates will submit all receipts for travel and lodging to OTCN during check-in process. During the first two days of training, candidates will undergo a Body Composition Analysis (BCA). All candidates who plan on arriving early should make lodging reservations either out in town or, at the Newport Navy Gateway Inn and Suites. o Both sports bra and brassiere shall be white or wearer’s skin tone when worn with white shirts or should be white or wearer’s skin tone when worn with yellow PT top. Selected Officer Candidates are encouraged to review this page in preparation for the program. Fitness: Instilling a Culture of Fitness that will endure well beyond OCS through the entirety of a career. Student growth and education comes first. Hair retaining devices (bobby pins, spin pins, clear elastic hair ties etc.) OCS Delayed Entry Program Guide – Provides information on OCS, Navy Core Values, general information, rank and insignia, qualification standards, and physical fitness standards. Make sure to get a travel advance for your travel to OCS, if you do not get an advance you are authorized to use your GTCC. They demand more from you than anyone else and they demonstrate by their own example.