Do they need a full gallon per fish? Tank Size: 10-Gallons or More. He is still by himself right now and is swimming a lot more but his fins are getting worse and he isn’t eating much at all. Always acclimate tank mates to reduce stress and shock. Here, you can find out everything you need to know about keeping fish and aquarium maintenance. I would recommend a snail or another compatible tank mate that isn’t a schooling fish and doesn’t grow very large. Color: Grey or Brown and Spotted Misty. Tank Size: 8-gallons or More. I’m Gabriel and I have been keeping fish for almost fifteen years. I have a 10 gallon tank. My tanks is a 4 ft but due to moving place I’ve lost a lot of fishes and was thinking to get a Betta. Keeping betta fish with other kinds of fish can be tricky unless you know what you’re getting yourself into. This subject can be further elaborated on by understanding aggressiveness in terms of betta breeds and genders. 6 years ago. Suite à l'annonce du gouvernement, nous mettons en place les frais de port offert pour le vivant à partir de 100 euros d'achat pendant toute la période du confinement en France . Both are aggressive. I tend to concur about the already heavy population in your 15 gal aquarium, but I also know that over-stocked tanks can be fine, well managed & healthy, in the hands of a highly motivated, conscientious and committed owner. Because guppies are omnivores. I just added 3 koi fish today and monitoring them to see if they will also co exist. With bettas, we are talking about fish that traditionally like comparatively softer, more acidic waters. And how many loach should I get? What snails, plants, and possibly shrimp do you recommend? … Place one of your females in another tank or temporary container (even a plastic Tupperware container can work temporarily). I would like to share my experience regarding neon tetras. Or do they nip the tails? Water hardness is determined basically by how many dissolved minerals are in the water. Suite à l'annonce du gouvernement, nous mettons en place les frais de port offert pour le vivant à partir de 100 euros d'achat pendant toute la période du confinement en France . I also have two blue rams. Also, while guppies do not jump out of open tanks, betta are notorious for doing this. Guppies and betta each like to hide sometimes. Community tanks should be filtered and heated accordingly. 2. I had a male betta in each. It is widely coveted due to their spectacular fins and bright colors. Cette cavité composée d’une multitude de tubes très vascularisés permet l’assimilation par le sang de l’oxygène présent dans l’air. This makes them an ideal fish to live with a betta. The larger the tank the less the maintenance for water quality. I don’t want to overcrowd the tank, and I have only worked with 1-2 gallons before, so I don’t really want to mess this up. Because the male bettas are generally more aggressive than the females, the idea ratio will then be one female betta to your male/female guppy ratio. We then added 4-5 Feeder Guppies in there with her, and while she chases them around to no end, doesn’t appear to be interested in eating them. Thanks! You could try the platy’s and monitor closely, and obviously you’d need a fairly medium-large sized tank. Right now he is in the bowl by himself and swimming a bit more. If so how many of each would you recommend? A few years ago, I had two “bookend” tanks. I didn’t know much about female betta… Feel so stupid. This is another one of the benefits that people like about them. They do best in larger groups of 5 or 6, and that’s what their official recommend care guidelines are. Remember you also want more female guppies than male. During the day they encounter each other often, but there has never been any issue of fighting, pinching, or fin-picking. That is way too many fish in such a small tank (minimum: 1 inch of fish per 1 gallon of water), he needs to be on his own in his own quarantine/hospital tank right now. In terms of what you should put inside your tank, beyond the perfect water, remember that guppies like things like black substrate, rocks, and live plants. I have a ten-gallon tank and I want to get some buddies for my male betta fish. Another important key is to introduce the Betta a few days AFTER the crab has already been living in your tank. Yet given the numerous benefits of owing guppies, many still would like to at least try to bring them together. They can eat the betta fish meat products, and they will. Recommended introduction is in a group of 2-4, with 6 or more leading to potential breeding. Hi, I have a fish tank, 2 & 1/2 gallons with one male betta in it. Level: Beginner AFC is a gathering place for everyone. The smart way to get around this is to use something like a pipette to make sure the bettas are getting the food that’s meant for them. why does a ghost shrimp need a 10 gallon tank they’re only 1 inch and I’ve seen two live in a 1.5 gallon tank, with two female bettas. If yours is very aggressive with its reflection and food etc then I wouldn’t risk it. Delta betta fish and halfmoon betta fish are both examples of less aggressive breeds. African dwarf dogs have lungs, and they, therefore, need to access the water’s surface for air. Does anyone here think just one ghost shrimp would be happy living in a tank that size with my male betta as a tank mate? Our recommendation would be for something larger than that 20 gallons for a fish tank is probably best. Hello, I have a beautiful male betta named Cas who is getting a tank upgrade. While less social and flexible than guppies, bettas still have the potential to live comfortably and happily with many other types of fish. Guppies are also content living on their own, so adding one as a tank mate is easier than schooling fish. #mysterysnails #mysterysnail #fishtank, A video posted by BETTA FISH (@bettafishorg) on Nov 2, 2015 at 8:05am PST, Scientific Name: Pomacea Bridgesii It’s so cute, but again every fish is different and have different personalities, you could try it but make sure to watch them and be prepared for any aggression they might show. While one single betta fish can still be a problem for the guppies, particularly in terms of biting fins and bullying behaviors, this is considered the best number for a combination tank. Scientific Name: Thalassinidea My husband has a double tail male Betta fish and an asst md koi fish together in the same tank and they get along perfect. For a 60L/15Gallon tank, I’d say you are already well-over the maximum bioload of inhabitants that I’d recommend. A tank of guppies is simply easier to establish, before you make the decision to add betta fish. I do have lots of hiding places and everyone has their favorite hangout space. Mystery snails or black racer snails are ideal, and ghost or cherry shrimp (10+ of them). The tank is too small for a tank mate. Due diligence must be exercised, however, because of the varying temperaments across the betta splenden species in both males and females. Hi, I own a 60L tank with 1 male betta, 4 female bettas, 4 albino corydoras and 1pleco, not sure if it is clown or common, but I’ve had it for 5months now and its not bigger than 2inches. You’d be best suited adding a diversity of bottom, mid-level and surface dwellers in order to provide ample space for each to live a quality life. Corydoras live on the bottom, feeding, and can live alone or in schools (4 or more recommended) depending on the size of your tank. Hoping to eventually move to 10 Gallon,when budget allows. They are faster than apple/mystery snails and tend to be hardier and live longer. This will give them plenty of space for necessary activity. If you’re committed to keeping male guppies in the tank, consider feeder guppies over the fancy ones. Go Gary go! The reason for this is simple. They are long, shaped like eels, and love to disappear into tiny crevices. It sounds like you have a large enough tank, so depending on how many inhabitants and if all that checks out, you should be fine with the Siamese Algae Eater, and catfish since they’re both docile and bottom dwellers. Even when feeding he kinda sits there then occasionally eats. With a little effort, you can absolutely create conditions suitable to guppies and bettas simultaneously. With only 2 females, one will continue to pick on and dominate the other until they eventually cause significant damage or kill them. The other places I would ask would give me information but everything they would suggest was way too expensive and I’m on a tight budget. Le mâle est issu de ma lignée de HM White platinum et la femelle vient de. Never a problem. Originating from Southeast Asia, where you can find them in such places as streams and rice paddies, betta fish have an optimal pH of 7. Box à la Cerise; Cerise en Voyage Scientific Name: Poecilia Reticulata Would a pectus catfish be a good companion till more can be added I lost two of my female bettas out of illness they had from the store I got them from (they had been in the same water for over a month) they won’t get a new shipment till Thursday and Marhion is picking on Ilisia tearing her back fin apart but I don’t have another tank to keep them separated. Let’s wrap things up with a few general tips and ideas that we couldn’t cover in the text above: It almost goes without saying that you’re going to want to keep a very close eye on your tank, after you’ve moved the betta(s) in with the guppies, or vice-versa. Crevette red cherry cohabitation Conseils cohabitation avec poissons et crevette : forum . En tant que tel, il vaut mieux le maintenir seul de son espèce. Also, is the Mystery Snail the only type of snail that’s safe to be with the betta? The tank is 10 gallons. Level: Beginner I had recently gotten 4 females. Bonsoir a tous, j'aimerais savoir si je peux mettre une femelle betta avec guppy male et femelle ? If you’re not quite ready for another fish species, the marimo moss ball is an excellent addition to any tank. With 20 gallons, or even larger tanks, you’re ensuring there will be plenty of room for your bettas and guppies to cohabitate successfully. Thanks so much! Scientific Name: Corydoras Adults can grow to around 2 inches in size, with an average lifespan of one year. They can coexist together depending on your individual betta’s aggressiveness and temperament, but aren’t necessarily the best tank mates for a betta fish. Not all fish food is alike. If so, the water in your tank could contain a disease. Color: Pink to Yellow Body with Dark Stripes At one point there were probably 200 guppies. The presence of aeration in aquariums with such fish is unnecessary; this allows you to use the aquarium without an aeration system. Le Betta splendens, mâle ou femelle, est un animal territorial, non-social, solitaire et potentiellement agressif. I can’t make the decision to test it out for you, but I don’t recommend it when there are other suitable tank mate options. This species is also very peaceful, adding an additional quality to coexistence with the betta splenden. Tank Size: 10-Gallons or More. They can generally get used to harder water. So I have a 10-gallon and I’m looking into getting my koi female Betta some tankmates what are some suggestions for her that won’t fight with her or vice-versa and still be easy to maintain the tank. I’ve never had a betta but have always wanted one. Cohabitation avec guppys. Les mâles sont les plus colorés et les plus recherchés pour leur beauté. Guppies prefer the top and middle of the tank, and they will mostly refrain from going into the territory of the bettas. i believe they did die from the water or just pure stress. The plan would be to get a male betta, some panda cory, coolie loaches and some sort of suitable schooling fish. Cela c'est bien passé pendant environ quatre mois ensuite il y a eu la première ponte d'une des deux femelle toujours par manque d'expérience je ne les ai pas séparé comme il aurai fallu le faire et ça été le carnage This means you’re going to want to give them meat products with lots of yummy protein. What a fantastic site! Don’t want to get a second tank? Sinon pour qu'un betta parade il suffit de lui mettre un miroir pour qu'il se voit! 1. Once you have these elements out of the way, we can discuss factors like gender, size, and even the best ratio of betta fish to guppies. Therefore, you may be okay with 6 tetras, the snail, and the betta. Welcome to Aquarium Fish City(AFC). (It is a male Velitail Betta.). There are many betta fish tank mates or companions that can live with male or female bettas under the right conditions. Their temperament is relatively docile, so you won’t have to worry about them nipping at your betta. These tend to be duller in appearance and smaller, which eliminates two big triggers for aggression in bettas. Mystery snails are a great addition because they feed on uneaten food and clean up algae, helping with aquarium cleanliness. I’ve tried putting a mirror in front of him but they didn’t unclump. There is definitely a limit if you want your fish to be happy, healthy and not stressed or sick. Younger females tend to react better than elders who are used to seclusion. Can a female betta be tankmates with mollies and platies? It’s a hardy and easy to care for fish, enjoying an average lifespan around 10 years in captivity. If the betta has a good temperament, regardless of gender, it will probably do just fine. Much like the betta fish, they also prefer heavily planted tanks and tasty brine shrimp. B. I’m grateful for the good information and informed dialog on this site!! Je déconseille la cohabitation de betta splendens, qu'ils soient mâle ou femelle . How about the food/live food and some other stuff for betta is it ok for the other fish? Maybe they’re pregnant when bought? The Discus and the blue rams would be the only thing I would keep an eye on (and wouldn’t recommend), as well as the betta’s temperament – at least during the first few days. És un membre de petita mida de la família dels pecílids (femelles 4 cm de llarg, mascles 2½–3 cm) i com en altres membres de la família, els ous es desenvolupen al mateix interior de la mare. If you’re lucky you’ll even witness them shed their skin, (every 1-2 weeks) which is a speedy process that ends with the frog eating it. What is your advice? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. 13-oct-2017 - Artem Pomelnikov descrubrió este Pin. Color: Green It all depends on the personality of the Betta and the size of the tank. This one can be a little smaller than your main purchase. Since your tank is 10 gallons, why not divide the tank in half with a tank divider? Each betta fish has a unique personality and temperament. Suche in unserem Shop. I’ve incorporated some live plants and grasses into the tank along with my rock cave, so both of my guys have a few different spots to hide or chill out in. Building a bubble nest doesn’t necessarily mean they are happy they do it for breeding. I’m already going to order melafix and aquarium salt. Would think they would be fine with a Betta, and would certainly liven up a tank. Fiddler crabs need aquarium or marine salt too and like to climb out of tanks a lot, not to mention they need shallow water and the ability to get onto land surfaces too. Dwarf frogs can grow up to 2.5 inches in length and live on average 5 years. While these requirements are important, the hardiness we mentioned before is going to give you a little wiggle room. Male guppies also have a tendency to be the more colorful of the two genders. The rasbora is a shoaling fish that prefers to live with a school of 5 to 6 in a tank. Ultimately, both guppies and betta need a rich plethora of live plants to be healthy and happy. We had to switch them around a lot when we were trying to get the water right. Also, there should obviously be a limit on the number of bettas that are living in the tank with the guppies. I lost 4 Betta fish until I saw the shrimp was preying Betta. Level: Beginner-Advanced You could realistically keep some in a 5-gallon tank, but too many in a small tank will lead to bioload issues and even aggressiveness towards their own kind if overstocked. Add lots of plants and other decorations for hideouts. Cohabitation between bettas and the African dwarf dog is quite common. My guppies run away. Oct 29, 2019 - Knowing All Types Of Betta Fish - By Tail, Pattern And Color With Photo And Description - The betta fish is also called Siamese fighting fish is one of the popular fish are keeping by fish hobbies. I was planning on relocating my Ottos and albino corycat until I found your site. Temperament is important, but it isn’t the only thing you need to keep in mind. I have gotten conflicting information about neon tetras. It is more likely that your Betta would thrive well with other compatible species if it is bred in a large sized tank that is at least 10 gallons. Males and females cannot be housed together. I won’t get into the further implications or opinions I have on some of the ways that pet stores care for animals or fish, but while you see a lot of fish in one tank, you also aren’t being told how many are sickly, dying per week or stressed out. Am glad I found it online. Mory seems very happy, keeps building bubble nests. The bottom feeders are in the tank with the female betta and tetras. For this reason, some betta fish are so territorial they may never be able to cohabit with other tank mates. Thanks for the additional information. Despite advising betta fish owners to avoid tank mates with bright colors, the neon tetra can do well with betta fish because of their speed. My father was a huge fan of tropical fish and our childhood home had a huge aquarium which he tended and kept hundreds of species of fish over the years. This is another important area. I’m thinking to get a male Betta for my community tank, great article you got here, however, I have not seen information regarding Discuss or ghost catfish or Siamese eater flying fox. Thank you very much for the information. Some will, many will not. The betta fish, also known as the Siamese fighting fish, is a freshwater fish from Southeast Asia.It can measure up to 2 inches in length and can live up to 3 years. Insects, worms, or even smaller fish (which is why it’s a bad idea for a prospective breeder to keep guppy fry and bettas in the same tank) are all the types of things you should focus on. Le but étant de faire en sorte que les phéromones se mélangent. For the most part, they are very active and can liven up a tank. Your email address will not be published. Zebra danios are a shoaling fish meaning they do best in groups of 5 or 6 or more, and are very active and top feeders like bettas. Another algae eater that can be compatible with the betta is the clown pleco. Can they live with Bettas? They range from 1.0-2.5 inches in length. As for the cohabitation, it all depends on your Betta, but they aren't very good roommates for other fish like guppies, in general. The idea would be that they breed in the vegetation and the betta (and other fish) would eat them and keep the numbers down. They are easy to care for and enjoy the same water conditions as bettas. Ghost shrimp are virtually invisible in tanks without close inspection by the naked eye. We’re going to focus more on how to choose the right betta fish, as opposed to your considerations with guppies. The person at pet smart say that they shouldn’t fight because they are so pose to swim in different levels in the tank. That wont stop them from laying eggs all over everything. Sujet: Femelle Bettas cohabitation Ven 23 Déc 2016, 19:47 Bonjour, Dans une animalerie un vendeur "expert" des bettas m'a confirmé et soutenu qu'on pouvait maintenir 3-4 bettas femelles dans un aquarium de 20 L sur le long terme Therefore, no I would recommend upgrading to a larger habitat if you were going to introduce any tank mates. Even the less-aggressive betta fish breeds can still have issues in this arena, both with each other, as well with any other types you have in the tank. You would have to keep a separate breeding/food tank. ), I have a five-gallon tank that is established and planted. In situations where the environment appears unsafe, be ready with a secondary tank or container to remove your betta. We have a 10 gallon tank with a male veiltail betta and two African dwarf frogs. In short, yes they can, but be prepared to monitor closely how they react together. They like to explore and have tough skin in the event a betta fish does get curious. Once you’ve fed the guppies, you can give the bettas their food. The ghost shrimp or glass shrimp is appropriately named for its see-through appearance and is an invertebre. Tank Size: 10-Gallons or More. May 13, 2020 - Explore Sameer Shrestha's board "Guppy" on Pinterest. Betta Harems (Female Sorority + Male Betta) As well as keeping one male and one female together some people opt to keep a male betta in with a sorority of females. Rotate different betta fish food products to give them an ideal variety. Avoid tank mates with bright coloring and long fins. The following filtration levels are considered perfect for tanks with both of these fish: A water testing kit will help you stay on top of this. Also, guppies prefer to be in schools to feel most safe which would require you to have a large tank. I couldn’t find anything online that said male Bettas and koi fish couldn’t be together. I would also look into getting an adjustable flow filter where you can slow it down. If either of these is the case, it’s okay for your betta to live alone than under constant stress. I plan to set up a betta tank in the future its 10 gallons and i do want to plant it. Discussions sur l'aquariophilie. Le Betta splendens, également connu comme Combattant du Siam, est un poisson d'eau douce originaire d'Asie du Sud-Est. Please check your facts. I’m setting up a Crabitat (air pocket) in the tank for it and want to make sure the Betta wont mess with it. Color: Transparent Tank Size: 15-Gallons or More. Scientific Name: Hyphessobrycon Amandae Platies should be fine, but just a reminder that all situations are unique and so are the personalities of bettas. The power on the filter creates a lot of current and down force which in return makes him only swim in the front area and his food to be constantly pushed down and stuck to the plants which he wont eat. I’m afraid a ten gallon tank will look empty with just one fish but don’t want to risk other fish mates. The Siamese fighting fish (Betta splendens), also known as the betta, is a freshwater fish native to Thailand (formerly Siam) and present in neighboring Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, and Vietnam.While colloquially known and marketed in the global aquarium trade as the "betta", it is one of 73 species in the genus Betta. Le mâle prendra tôt ou tard les guppy mâles pour des adversaires et il y aura des bobos. I just didn’t know if I something to control the algae on the tank. Level: Beginner Would either or both be appropriate for this small of a tank? Feeder guppies are bred for food for larger fish and don’t have the bright coloring or long fins like the fancy guppy. This will help your female stay away from your male if she needs to and reduce the chance of aggression between both fish. Depending on the tank size you suggest how often should I clean it and what methods do you recommend? 3. Females can coexist together as tank companions in a sorority. Bettas also need to get to the surface for air, creating potential territorial issues. Breeding your betta in a tank that is smaller than 10 gallons restricts the space available for the betta fish to swim and dominate, this might stress your Betta and make it ill. If your betta fish doesn’t get along with a tank mate, don’t worry, they’re not a schooling fish and will be just fine on their own. As for eating, you’ll also love watching them stuff their mouths with food using their little webbed feet! Each recommended tankmate requires a similar water pH level of around 7.0-8.0 and tropical temperatures in the range of 72-81 degrees fahrenheit. Therefore, a filter is necessary for a community tank. If you plan on keeping a single male and female betta fish together then you need to make sure that the tank is not only big, but also has a lot of length (40 Gallons or more). Thanks again for all the other great betta info you have here, I like to learn as much as I can! The marimo moss ball is a really cool living plant, and living plants can make awesome tankmates for betta fish too. The betta will eat your guppy fry… Also, he might become territorial and kill your guppies. May 3, 2014 - Explore Tak Silpaphong's board "Guppy" on Pinterest. La cohabitation entre femelle n’a pour autant pas posé de soucis. Listed below are each of the fish companions that can live with bettas along with some specific information about the species itself. your own Pins on Pinterest Si un mâle est trop agressif avec les femelles, essayez de placer plus de cachettes pour la femelle guppy exemples comme de fausses plantes et de petits abris. Whatever the case, 4 Ghost shrimp aren’t going to add a whole lot to the bioload, ime. Mon premier betta, il y a de ça quelques années était dans un 54 litres avec deux femelles,manque d'expérience et mal conseillée. As Bryan said most barbs are aggressive, but these seem to be the exception. A few Red Cherries would be even better but will have to be smart, keen, good hiders and fast movers to survive long with your existing tank inhabitants. +33 Sep 18, 2012 - This website is for sale! The truth of the matter is that in a broad sense, yes, it is possible for guppies and betta fish to coexist in the same tank. My tank has substrate not sand, can that be an issue? The minimum recommended tank size is 10-gallons (long horizontal tanks are better than tall vertical tanks). I have a betta in my 20 gallons long. Neon tetras also like heavily planted tanks with lots of places to hide, just like the betta. Your site and info has me leaning towards a snail now, they sound pretty cool, but I’ve read that snails can multiply out of control and I want to avoid that headache if possible! In your community tank you will need to add more than one, as neon tetras prefer to school in packs of 6 to 10. I wouldn’t recommend them for co-existence because the crab if it got the betta would do some serious damage and betta fish are very curious. After adding a companion to the same tank, monitor for signs of stress in your betta and the other companions over several days. He has a heater and filter with plenty of fake plants and props to swim in and out of and rest on. Betta fish can easily mistake them as another betta species and will become very aggressive and nip at their fins and fight with them. Enjoying the same pH and temperature range, feeder guppies are also very resilient fish. Please read the water page if you’d like more information on that. I had amano shrimp but lost them…. 3. Bien que le combattant femelle soit moins agressif que le combattant mâle, pour avoir plusieurs poissons cohabitants il est important de suivre quelques règles : Pour rassembler plusieurs femelles sous le même toit, il faudra que vous en mettiez au moins 3. Their ideal temperature is between seventy-eight and eighty. Discover (and save!) Just know, all bettas and tank mates can react differently. From general topics to more of what you would expect to find here, has it all. Feeder guppies are bred for food for larger fish and don’t have the bright coloring or long fins like the fancy guppy. Hey ive had a male beta fish for about two months. Sinon mets des crevettes dans ton aquarium et tu peux mettre des red cherry, moi elles se plaisent avec des guppy, platy, cardinalis, ancistrus et corydoras. All comments are moderated and will not be visible until they are approved. There are a ton of great options out there, when it comes to the best live plants for guppies and more. Jordanna. My Male Veil Tail Betta is housed in a 55 gallon community tank with many different fish, including fancy guppies, and everyone lives together peacefully. The Betta is still able to swim completely around the tank, even on the shallow end, so he’s not losing any swim space. I find mixed answers on the latter. reply #3. This includes magnesium, calcium, and others. Marimo moss balls can also live for over 100 years, growing at only 5 millimeters in diameter per year. is your first and best source for all of the information you’re looking for. 2. Il peut mesurer jusqu'à 6 cm et, en prenant soin de votre Combattant, son espérance de vie peut aller jusqu'à trois ans.. Avec ses nageoires spectaculaires et ses couleurs vives, c'est un poisson très convoité. I have had my female Betta in a 20 gallon tank with 4 neon tetras and 2 black neon tetras for 9 months now and everyone gets along fine.