Mine leaked a fair bit of sealant and air through the sidewalls for the first few days after mounting them up, … With the Wild Enduro Michelin are offering 3 tyres to make up the range. We never got along. Donnez-nous votre avis ! Thank you for the review. ... MICHELIN. [ad3] A few years back Michelin had been relatively quiet in the MTB scene. Components - Tires, Auch interessant. It only makes sense and with three compounds (even four!) That sounds quite frustrating. Michelin’s focus on front and rear-specific carcass options is great. I like that I can get them cheap from CRC. The only good thing I can say - during perfect snow conditions they performed good, but thats it. Overall I have really enjoyed riding the Michelin Wild Enduro Magi-X. Warmer (15º C and higher) wet riding with the Magi-X² was great. Let’s just get this out there right now. I can only compare to what I came off. Surprisingly, the centre tread didn’t show the same wear and had much more life. would make up most of those kms. In a crude bumpy fireroad roll-down test on each tyre, this Michelin rolled slowest too, which backed up the slightly draggy feel pedalling round. There's water from the road (driving to Pemberton) on the wheel and another shot with the pink sealant is about burping. It's pretty clear that in the photo with the sidewalls seeping, the white spots are pushing through the sidewall of the tire. 2022 will see racers tackling eight World Cup roun, "Ride a variety of terrain. I fitted the Michelin Wild Enduro to the front of my long term Santa Cruz Hightower test bike back in November and never took it off. He uses Orange seal and I use a home brew mix. Did you find the same on your test tires? The Magi-X² front tire was unreal when riding like you want to destroy every corner, and offered assurance on all surfaces encountered, provided it wasn't Canadian* levels of cold out. With Sam Hill winning EWS races and series aboard the French rubber, it seems like they are back on top, and here to stay. Tested : Ben’s 100% Brisker Winter Glove Review. These Michelins range anywhere from $20-50 less than Maxxis if you buy local and for that price it's not too hard to swallow if they suck. This makes it the best option for racers and the super fast. The weeping hasn’t happened to the front yet but I would like to see a tougher casing, both front and rear, to prevent this and provide more support on the trails. Michelin Wild Enduro Front MTB Tyre (Gum-XTS TLR) Michelin's Wild Enduro mountain bike tyre is ready to thrive on any trail and in any type of weather. Might as well run a DH casing since the weight difference would likely be only 75 grams or so. That’s with no inserts and plenty of rimmers, causing dings to both the front and rear wheels. Same tread pattern but different compounds; the all-round GUM-X3D and ‘race’ MAGI-X compound. No, this tire isn't light, but it delivers exceptional traction in all conditions and has no problem slamming through the loosest of trails. When Michelin released the Wild Enduro in 2018, what first caught my attention was the three options available in each wheel size. There is just so much grip available across a wide variety of terrain. They had a hard life, with heaps of descending thanks to some big park days when the trails were at their most abrasive. I fitted the Michelin Wild Enduro to the front of my long term Santa Cruz Hightower test bike back in November and never took it off. Many of the side lugs hang by a thread. So, when Michelin decided to design the Wild Rock’R2 tires, they had a lot of experience to draw from. Die Magi-X2 soll etwas bessere Rolleigenschaften haben und wird deshalb im Wild Enduro-Vorderreifen eingesetzt, wo sie für Grip in allen Lebenslagen sorgt. If features Michelin's Trail Shield carcass (the middle ground of sidewall strength in the Michelin range) with a 3x60 TPI casing. I'll check with others to see if there's any consistency to this. Michelin-Mountainbike-Reifen im Test. With the Wild Enduro, the updated Magi-X² compound, which was previously the softer, more grippy compound, became the rubber that "targets experienced riders and experts due to the outstanding grip it delivers at speed.” Michelin moved from the more typical and easy to understand, softer and grippier terminology to focusing on a rider's skill level. Similar to you, I have been known to destroy EXO+ tyres in the rear but so far trouble free. Swapping to the stiffer Magi-X² rubber significantly improved cornering on firm terrain. I've mounted the Gum-X rear tire and am finding air is weeping out the sidewall, meaning I have to pump up the tire two or three times in a ride. @Orbea’s Trail Tale, @forbiddenbikecompany add another string to their, "Nobody in the group had ever been on a mountain b, @world_enduro gains a round, growing to a seven ev, @remithirion joins @giantfactoryoffroadteam until, Start typing to see results or hit ESC to close. With most riders encountering trouble with flats in the rear, it makes less sense to run thick treads at both ends. Auch interessant. If features Michelin's Trail Shield carcass (the middle ground of sidewall strength in the Michelin range) with a … Pedaling traction is excellent with the Wild Enduro Rear. Michelin never completely stopped making mountain bike tires, but their range lacked anything for the aggressive rider. Height: 191cm/6’3" Magi-X, In fact, it is one of the largest and oldest tire manufacturers in the world. In a crude bumpy fireroad roll-down test on each tyre, this Michelin rolled slowest too, which backed up the slightly draggy feel pedalling round. iXS Downhill Cup … Big fan here of the Michelin Enduro casing stuff. Traily to nejsou úplně lehké, stalo se, že guide vypadl z role (teda z trailu) a dál nemohl jet. I also like the price! Isla Short Is This Week’s Guest on the Contour Collective Podcast. They pulled up surprisingly quick too, something I didn’t expect with all the small, disconnected blocks. Maybe I'll end up back on the DHF/DHRII or maybe I'll find a new favourite. Chloe Taylor Talks About Leaving BMX for the Enduro World Series. Coming from the neutral transition of the Assegai, the Wild Enduro had a moment of weightlessness that felt odd when banking the bike. I ran an OG TRS in the rear, with an insert, for a few weeks recently and it reignited my love for that tire. It is exactly what I want from a winter tyre. Similar to the Wild Rock'R2, the corner lugs feature reliefs along the outer edge. In fact, the name makes it perfectly clear. The rear tire looks worse for wear after going beyond 400kms, much of which was in dry, abrasive conditions. It's great in most conditions but this Magi-X model excels in loose and/or wet loam with prodigious and predictable traction; it's one of the best aggressive front tyres on the market if you don't mind a bit of drag. Hey Marty. I have been riding these tyres for 2 years and love them. Michelin Wild Enduro Rear, Gum-X, 2.4in Michelin br_tyres BR1432 1,194g. When Michelin updated the Magi-X compound, the base of the tread and lugs were made firmer so they could better hold their shape, while a softer, slower rebounding rubber than that found on the Gum-X3D was introduced to the exposed surface. The concept for the Gum-X3D is more familiar and can be found on tires from brands like Maxxis with their 3C tire compound. I've not heard of that before but haven't had this issue in many years. Graham Maunder. From my first test with the new MICHELIN Wild Race’R Enduro Rear, the feeling was good and I felt … Michelin has now expanded its mountain bike tyre range, adding a family of more focused, downhill/gravity-specific tyres to the mix. The Magi-X² was the ticket and let me ride without concern in any terrain, so long as temperatures were ’normal’ (15ºC and up). I bought the Front/Gum-X option for a lighter weight winter setup, but puntured on the second ride (the dreaded 'just above the bead' type cut that's pretty much a tyre write-off). The same characteristics that might hurt this tire in the rolling resistancemetric, really help it s… Personally, the sidewalls were too thin for me in the rear – denting a rim through an insert was enough for me to remove them, which was only a few rides in. I’m running the 27.5 X 2.6 on my hardtail. Great review, AJ! Before I realized I needed to increase tire pressure from my regular level to get the support needed…. I typically wear my centre tread down before the side lugs on most rear tires, indicating the softness of the edges of the Wild Enduro rear. Avis sélectionné . Ape Index: 1.037 great review man ! WILD ENDURO FRONT MAGI-X. We just had the wettest winter in about a million years here in the UK. It was slower, braking wasn't as good and it wasn't as stable on trails with berms or similar, firmer surfaces where loads get up. Gear, The Michelin Wild Enduro Rear is a ripping rear tire designed for high speeds and aggressive trails. Menu. More trail than all-mountain or enduro Our rating . Like you, keen to try the Mopo someday too. Tread patterns of the two also differ slightly, with the rear tire featuring shorter lugs than the front and there's less spacing between the smaller blocks and less ramping, so the rear tire can provide traction when putting down power. Why choose MICHELIN Enduro tyres? The Michelin Wild Enduro tires offer great grip and surprising support in the right situation from a lighter weight package. Michelin never completely stopped making mountain bike tires, but their range lacked anything for the aggressive rider. Pressure remained the same. My experience with these is hat for aggressive riding (and fast trails) front works fantastic with cushcore, as well as the rear.. however rocky abrasive terrain is a durability issue for sure.. for which I would switch to Wild Rockr2 in GumX.. for technical loamy damped conditions, the enduro f/r combo works great.. Handling the Magi-X² front tire, the stiffer base rubber made a noticeable difference to the feel of the carcass compared with the Gum-X3D options. I squeezed good life out of the rear tire but I still find they have a shorter life span than others. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a3bff50082378bbe83924c8303576ab5" );document.getElementById("b34d526c84").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Tested : Ben’s Michelin Wild Enduro Magi-X Front Tyre Review. no issues, tried on some I9 grades and NOBL TR33s, no prob at all. Can really echo what the review says. The centre lugs have a rounded lead edge but not the ramping of the front tire. Maybe I just didn’t want to believe what I was hearing – I mean, a harder, stiffer lug… what? Note moyenne : 7,7/10. Did the same with Big Betty with identical result. E-WILD REAR. Basically, this is a triple rubber compound. I bequeath the set to a friend and he loves them and have them on all of his bikes. Get the latest industry news direct to your inbox. They’re available in 27.5 x 2.4” or 29 x 2.4” versions. It also looks like a new DH tire is in development… The Wild AM tire sits comfortably in the middle. Your email address will not be published. These are a fine to perhaps exceptional tire within certain use conditions and rider skill level. I have been on the Gum-X3D combo since September and have really enjoyed them so far. UCI 2022 Downhill World Cup and World Championship Schedule. This model weighs a claimed 760g and retails for $74.99. I'm still wanting to try the MoPo someday. The tires feature what Michelin calls “Gum-X3D” technology. iXS Downhill Cup 2021: Der vorläufige Rennkalender steht! There's an amount of luck involved for sure but I’ve not been so fortunate on other tires with similar feeling sidewalls. Everywhere else it provides excellent grip and composure. In one sense, Michelin are big hitters in the MTB world with a long list of legendary tyres to their name, and yet they also fly under the radar as you rarely see them out on the UK trails. All reviews should go to the effects temperature has on performance. The rear tire is only available in the Gum-X3D compound and there's an alternative, front tire featuring it too. The Magi-X is slower than the Gum-X but I found it more reliable until the weather cooled off. De Michelin Wild Enduro mtb buitenband scoort hoog op alle prestatiefronten. The tread has a nice bite to it, and it fares well on steep and loose pitches and loamy skidders. 7 décembre 2018 . The base layer of the Gum-X3D tires isn’t as stiff as the Magi-X² while the exposed tread is firmer, and faster rebounding. If your OCD allows for it.. WE Front & DH34 rear is amazing combination as well. It’s impressive. Afaik this was a problem with the early ones. The test field of the Wild Enduro range was the Enduro World Series circuit, but the intended usage by Michelin is much wider than the Enduro race segment and ranges from Enduro amateurs pushing up towards more aggressive Freeriders. Two years ago when I reviewed the Wild AM – a tire sharing some similarities to the Wild Enduro Rear – there was little fanfare for Michelin tires and there were only a few options available for aggressive trail riding. #norcobicycles #mtb #dh #enduro … As much as I like the feel of the wheels especially in broken terrain with the Cushcore I just cannot be bothered with the palaver of mounting the tyres with them. Every Wild Enduro I've run has had weeping sidewalls. In soft, loose terrain or on wet hand-built trails, the tire performed great and when temperatures dipped, the softer lugs were beneficial. ~18psi (I'm 75kg). It’s definitely high on the Wideopenmag Recommended list. My concerns about flatting during the test were unwarranted and although I tried to make it happen, I haven’t flatted once. A Minion DHRII (Downhill Rear II) also works well on the front and offers a slightly narrower alternative to the bulky Minion DHF. This makes it a true all year tyre that you could fit and forget, only changing it when it is worn out. Michelin Wild Enduro Tyres. I tested the 27.5″ diameter, 2.35″ wide Michelin Wild AM tire. Regarding casing, the Wild Enduro has a foldable bead and a substantially lighter casing than the DH22 at around 1,100 grams. I run CC in the rear more so as an added layer of protection for the expensive carbon rims but support feels similar to EXO+ in the front and DD in the rear with the added CC for me. Thanks for the review and keep them coming! It is exactly what I want from a winter tyre. Your email address will not be published. Interesting how good of a life you've gotten from them. There is less of a tread pattern difference with the fatter tires than with the 2.4 which I’ve used with success in the past. Find tires. De Enduro Front Gum-X buitenband is voorzien van de nieuwste generatie Gum-X3D rubber. One for the rippers, not the weekend softies like me. With continuous real world input from the world's top Enduro racers like Jerome Clementz, Michelin have now released their latest race offering : the Wild Race'r Enduro. Wild Enduro Front pretty much says it all. Michelin however, has turned this concept on its head and actually utilizes a slightly harder compound for the MAGI-X version of the Wild Enduro. I first mounted the Wild AM tires front and rear on my Mavic Crossmax XL WTS wheels, which measure 23mm wide. Could the Michelin UPTIS Airless Tire Work In MTB? I mounted both tires to a set of WTB KOM Tough rims, with an internal width of 29mm. With this setup I bottomed the tire hard against the rim, dinging it through the insert but surprisingly, still no flat. Despite its bigger lugs, the front tire in either compound is ~100g lighter than the rear. – this is thanks to the work done on both the tread block pattern and location, as well as the internal structure of the tyre. Our team riders have been winning on Michelin at national and international Enduro and Downhill competitions. We tested the 27.5” model and as soon as we fitted them to our test bike (30mm internal rims spacing) we could tell that they appeared a little more on the slender side compared to the widths of a lot of the tyres we’ve become used to of late. Hey Marty. I didn't have that issue until the tires had been ridden for a while (shown in the pics). But Maxxgrip rubber rolls so slowly, no matter the thread, there doesn't seem to be much point to making that combination. For weeping tyres the best thing I have found is to liberally apply isopropyl alcohol to the inside of the tyre and wipe out to remove the mould release compound. Every ride was wet and muddy…. like the Assegais and Dissectors. Polyvalent et résistant, mais attention à l'usure . That can be a good thing, offering excellent performance in certain areas but it also adds complexity. It is tough enough to race on and light enough to ride all day. Winter is the Wild Mud which have survived 2.5 winters and only one puncture (piece of fence wire) at 18psi over Sussex flints! I’ve run into a few tire brands where the sealant seems to bead up when you pour it inside. MICHELIN WILD ENDURO FRONT MAGI-X. The front tire's ramped leading edges help improve rolling resistance. Front and rear, the treads look similar but the differences are noticeable on the trail. It weighs in at 1030 grams for the 29” version tested here which is about average for a tyre of its intentions. Current Regular: Every test product spends time on Entrail, Tags: They’ve been available for a while, though demand and supply limitations thanks to COVID-19 have made it harder to find them. This UK review was verified on February 5, 2021. ... MICHELIN. Why choose MICHELIN Enduro tyres? Climbing traction was good, as was stability when braking hard. Sogar der 2017er EWS-Champion Sam Hill ist mit den Gummis von Michelin unterwegs und teilt seine Erfahrungen mit den Franzosen. Its block design … I began my lengthy test of the Wild AM at Michelin’s stateside launch in California. After fiddling fork damping settings to suit the tyre’s slow rebound character, in certain areas, the Wild Enduro feels super calm and assured and you can push it … There is now a selection of tires for most disciplines; from race-worthy cross-country to enduro. I always thought the Dissector was designed as a fast-rolling alternative to the DHR2. Yeap, we're up in your social medias too. It features a firmer base with soft corner lugs and a more durable but still soft center lug. The tires have been tough against hits and the front to rear-specific carcass and tread patterns excel in many situations but they’re not as set-and-forget as some others. I'm a pretty dedicated Maxxis DHF/DHRII rider, but I figured I'd spend a season or two just checking out some variety - the spice of life as they say. The slow rebounding rubber also became too slow and the tire's rolling speed felt like it suffered considerably, requiring more effort to keep it moving forward when climbing on firm surfaces. These did have a hard start to their use with the 6,000+m bike park day and a few other big days in super dry conditions. During testing, I had to increase tire pressures by 2psi to get the support needed from the sidewalls, as the thinner material allowed the tires to fold and burp, particularly the front. Michelin Wild Enduro Mountain Bike Tire, Mixed and Soft Terrain, GUM-X3D, Front Tire, 29 x 2.40 inch. Maybe if those center knobs on rear tire were taller and if I was less then 95kg maybe I would get along with them better. Michelin Wild Enduro, front & rear specific tread Tubeless setup with the Wild Enduro tires is a snap in terms of the time and effort it takes to mount them. The rear tire, with its shorter lugs, felt great everywhere. The Wild AM Competition Line is a multi-compound tyre that comes in three widths for 27.5" – we tested the middling 2.6" version – and a single, 2.35" width for 29ers. It’s surprising how close in weight the rear tire is to my DHF DD because the difference felt in the sidewall is significant; the Michelin feels much thinner. Similar to my experience. Interesting stuff! Don’t recall the tire brand either. The Wild AM Competition Line is a multi-compound tyre that comes in three widths for 27.5" – we tested the middling 2.6" version – and a single, 2.35" width for 29ers. This front-specific tyre gives you outstanding rolling characteristics and reliable cornering grip. Wild Enduro also seems to get some unpredictable comments ... Enduro magazine ran a test of a metric shit tonne of tyres a few months ago. View our full range of Michelin Wild tyres below. It's great in most conditions but this Magi-X model excels in loose and/or wet loam with prodigious and predictable traction; it's one of the best aggressive front tyres on the market if you don't mind a bit of drag. MICHELIN Bicycle tyres that match your search by dimension or by vehicle. There is a Wild E… The rear tire's 33 TPI construction and pinch protection layer at the bead are the reason for the added weight. The insatiable grip and support of the side lugs begged to be hammered into corners. How was your impression of the tyres’ rolling speed? Even Michelin’s Wild Enduro front tire can offer more traction on the rear wheel in muddy conditions than their “intended” rear tire. If the tread wear wasn't enough to confirm it was time to remove the rear tire, the sidewall weeping made it clear. After becoming more familiar with the Wild Enduro, I began pushing it more aggressively and found that once the corner lugs are loaded confidently, the tire whips through turns in softer terrain.